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It’s important to note that we’re NOT a charity. We simply decided to set up a small business off the back of a lot of hard graft on Social Media. People occasionally ask for our charity number and we have to remind them of this. We simply decided that we would make a donation from the sale of every Thin Blue/Red/Green Line item that we sold via UK Cop Humour, UK Paramedic Humour or UK Firefighter Humour.

Up until now, our main beneficiaries have been Care Of Police Survivors (COPS), TASC The Ambulance Staff Charity and The Fire Fighters Charity. You can view our current total and a full list of previous donations on our news page by clicking here.

If you’ve EVER bought any merchandise from us, then a part of that total is down to YOU. Without your LIKES, SHARES and ENGAGEMENT, this page wouldn’t be what it is. If you’ve never seen our shop, then please do go and take a look at it here

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